The Ultimate Otaku Test

So you think you're an anime fan eh? Maybe you've rented all the anime that your local video store stocks. Maybe you've been to a convention or two. Well then perhaps its time you find out your true nature. Take The Ultimate Otaku Test and discover just how much of an abnormality you really are! :)

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How to Play:
Click on the letters or digits or dash("-") and apostrophe("'") characters to spell out the answer.

Remember this game is for entertainment only. Don't take it too seriously!

But if you any complaints or dispute any answers, or just want to worship my as your God, feel free to let it rip in the Guestbook. :)

Add Your Own Questions!
I have roughly about 140 questions, and they are a little dated. So if you'd like to help out, you're welcome to do so! The more the merrier I say!! Go to the Add Your Own Questions page and do your thing. All questions and answers should only use one line each. Questions should be clear. Answers should be short. Naturally, I reserve the right to edit or delete anything that may be wrong or offensive but otherwise it's entirely up to you. And don't forget, put your name or nick or handle down as "Contributor" so you can get the credit! :)

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